Training at a high level

This past weekend my student and I made a trip up to Annapolis, Maryland to visit high level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt Master Danny Ives. As well as visiting we came up there of course to get good techniques and to learn more about BJJ, and enhance our martial arts techniques.

How this training would make us better!

Well for one thing I can tell you right now it doesn’t get much better from a Jiu Jitsu stand point then Danny Ives, who is an undefeated pro <a wholesale jerseys title=”mixed martial arts” href=”” target=”_blank”>mixed martial arts fighter, mutiple time Jiu Jitsu champion, and much more. To go up to Maryland and train along side him is something that could increase any one’s martial arts ability as well as tire you out!

When my student and I drove up to Annapolis for the weekend leaving our home in Virginia Beach, we fully expected to go up there Wholesale Jerseys and be put through a hard training session. We got to roll(basically grappling Cheap Football Jerseys live) with Danny and I cheap nba jerseys can tell you right now that all of his movements and motions are very smooth and his way of passing the guard was excellent.

When we talk about Danny, we are talking about a high level black belt in BJJ, he is no joke on the ground. There is a lot that goes into being a black belt at his level. A lot of training and a lot of drilling techniques so that way once he does these techniques in real life his body does the work for him, he does not have to think about the motions he is streaming movie Alien: Covenant

Just from two days up there training and drilling with Danny Ives I can tell Cheap NFL Jerseys you right now our technique got much better and he gave us a more full game on the ground and some cool stuff to go home and show my students at OutFox Martial Arts Academy in Virginia Beach.

One thing that Apps makes him such a great black belt is that he is not afraid to share his knowledge and what he knows about Jiu Jitsu,  showing that it only takes hard work and lots of training to really up your level.


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